Solar Movie Theater

Fly high with Solar Impluse pilot André Borschberg and then get back to earth with Solar Roots, the colorful history the PV Pioneers in the U.S. from the 70‘s and 80‘s. The filmmakers are presenting their documentary highlights followed by a panel discussion and Q&A round. Meet Solar Impulse pilot André Borschberg in person and filmmakers as well as some of the American pioneers who gave birth to the US PV industry!

FREE Movies! Open to all exhibitors and attendees!

Tuesday, July 1003:00pm-04:00pmSolar RootsLevel 3 - Room 3008
Wednesday, July 1111:00am-12:00pmSolar ImpulseLevel 3 - Room 3006
Wednesday, July 1112:30pm-01:30pmSolar RootsLevel 3 - Room 3006
Wednesday, July 1102:00pm-03:00pmSolar ImpulseLevel 3 - Room 3006

Further Information: Solar Impulse

Further Information: Solar Roots