Sessions on Microgrid, None-wire Solutions, PV Manufacturing, PV Power Plants, Floating PV and the Future of PV will be the content of the Intersolar North America Conference this year. Just to name a few topics of the wide spread program that will be accompanied by various networking event as for example the legendary Summerfest of CALSSA. Program Details.

Call for Abstracts

Intersolar is pleased to announce that we now accept abstracts for the Intersolar North America Conference 2019!



Networking: Meet solar peers in San Francisco


Have you ever heard of the amazing sailing tour in the San Francisco Bay area? It’s a great way to enjoy the city’s flair from a different point of view and to start feeling the spirit of Intersolar North America.

The Summerfest is legendary! This fund-raising event for CALSSA was held in the AT&T park in 2017, and was lots of fun with the future space on Earth party in 2018. 

Did you attend the vineyard tour in 2018? If not, you’ll get the chance again in 2019. Sun, bay area, award-winning wines – there is no better place to round up your stay in San Francisco!

Throughout the week, visitors to Intersolar and ees were able to enjoy exclusive tours of noteworthy solar and microgrid installations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, organized by NorCal Solar.

Special tours