Intersolar North America

Exhibition: July 11–13, 2017
Conference: July 10–12, 2017


Market Trends

Energy Storage

In 2015, the US energy storage market saw a record-setting number of installations, with an annual total of 221 megawatts (MW). That figure represented a 243 percent increase over 2014’s installation total of 65 MW. Looking ahead to 2016, the market is expected to continue to post impressive numbers: GTM research forecasts the annual U.S. energy storage market to cross the 1-gigawatt mark in 2019 and to reach 1.7 GW by 2020. The market will be worth USD2.5 billion by 2020. more

Smart Renewable Energy

The future of energy is solar and smart.  Decentralized PV installations and battery storage systems will be combined in intelligent networks to provide balanced power to the electrical grid. The smart grid market is fueled by a number of factors such as favorable policies and regulations, surging demand for power from across major regions, higher distribution and transmission losses. Electric vehicles and energy management systems are also part of the power grid of the future. more

Project Financing

Access to third-party financing has played a major role in the development of solar projects of all sizes, and the availability of power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leases has proven especially popular within the residential sector and for larger commercial solar projects. However, many top installers, such as SolarCity, have introduced a wide range of loan products, which may lead to a resurgence of direct ownership, according to GTM Research. more

PV Power Plants

The utility sector continues to be the driver of U.S. solar industry growth—the market segment had a record-setting year in 2015, and is expected to continue to set records in 2016. Last year, the United States installed more than 4 gigawatts (GW) of utility-scale PV projects, a six percent increase over the previous year. more

Downstream Market Developments and Solar Jobs

In the United States, the reduction in hardware costs and soft costs has contributed to a decrease in overall system pricing. Depending on the industry segments, costs fell by as much as 17 percent in 2015, according to GTM Research.  more

U.S. Market Outlook & The Future of the ITC

Globally, solar had another record year in 2015, adding 14 gigawatts (GW) of solar to its annual rate of installations. GTM Research predicts that global market will grow by 21 percent this year and add 66 GW of capacity by the end of the year. The U.S. solar market will continue to grow at a record-breaking pace in 2016, and will install 10 GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) this year, according to GTM Research. more