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How will California’s solar and energy storage market change in 2018?

As national and state-level electricity market dynamics continue to shift, Intersolar North America connected with Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar & Storage Association (formerly the California Solar Energy Industries Association) to discuss her outlook on new opportunities and threats facing the California solar and energy storage market in 2018.

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Will the solar industry continue to grow despite political uncertainty?

The solar industry has a long history of market resiliency, often referred to as the “solar-coaster.” Intersolar North America connected with Paula Mints, founder and chief market research analyst at SPV Market Research, to discuss current market dynamics in response to trade restrictions lead by the federal government.

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How will the energy storage market soar in 2018?

Energy storage is playing an increasingly critical role in integrating intermittent renewables into the electric grid. Intersolar North America connected with James Greenberger, executive director of the National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (NAATBatt) to discuss his insights into what the energy storage market holds for 2018.

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