Intersolar North America – The premier Solar Exhibition in the United States, July 9-11, 2019

Intersolar North America, North America's premier exhibition and conference, is the perfect place to explore the megatrends driving the solar industry first. It's the industry hotspot to discover the latest trends in photovoltaics, PV production technologies and solar heating and cooling. Co-located with ees North America, Intersolar North America sit at the cross-section of solar technology, energy storage, and smart renewable energy. It helps solar industry professionals learn about market opportiunities in the rapidly growing energy storage industry. For 11 years, Intersolar North America has been the premier industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, start-ups, service providers and partners of the solar industry.

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California - center of the U.S. solar market

Exhibit at Intersolar North America 2019

Times are tough for renewable energies in the United States. But California is different – and always has been. The State Public Utilities Commission has estimated that California will probably meet its target of producing 50% of its electricity from renewables ahead of the 2030 deadline. California and New York state lead the nation in energy efficiency, along with setting and meeting clean energy targets to keep utility rates down. These two states alone account for the majority of all U.S. “clean tech” investment.

California’s solar industry now employs more people than old-style utilities. At present, there are two to four times as many jobs in solar, wind, sustainable biomass, efficiency and energy storage than in any fossil-fuel sector you could name. As Governor Brown, the 2018 Champion of Change Lifetime Achievement Award winner, recently emphasized, “In California, facts and science still matter”. And the figures prove that California is the #1 US Solar Market and is looking to stay firm in this position. Together with CALSSA we work to provide the U.S. solar and energy storage industries with an exhibition platform to further grow the  market by enabling key national and international players to get together and showcase the amazing innovations in the new world of energy.

Together we help promote forward-thinking policies, and offer high-value market information, programs and jobs training for the next generation of energy professionals.

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Network with companies across the solar supply chain

Intersolar North America 2019 - Connections, deal-making, innovation!

Intersolar and ees North America 2018 welcomed more than 14,000 attendees from around 60 countries. Over three days of the two exhibitions, 433 companies displayed the latest technologies expanding the reach of U.S. clean energy in six exhibition segments. They debuted new products, networked with companies across the solar supply chain, and met potential customers. The high-level conferences featured 35 sessions and 12 workshops, including four sessions focused on e-mobility technologies and market trends during the new Power2Drive track. Take a look at 2018 and stay tuned for the 2019 activities!

The Intersolar Conference provides attendees a head start on the trends shaping the competitive and dynamic solar industry


Deployment rates for photovoltaic installations are increasing dramatically around the globe. Which markets will be relevant in the future? What will be the role of photovoltaics in the power grid – and off the grid? PV power plants are also growing in importance worldwide. What are the market’s capacities? Who are the main players? The Intersolar North America Conference stands for quality, internationality and a variety of panel discussions and conference sessions. This conference guarantees your company a high-level international audience – and is sure to give your company a head start. For a broader audience, there are several stages on the show floor that direct traffic to content on the exhibition. Joint Forces for Solar, WRISE, IREC and GTM are only a few of the associations and researchers rocking the stage. Take a look at the 2018 program and stay curious about next year’s event!

Meet the key players of the solar industry at one of our networking events


Have you ever heard of the amazing sailing tour in the San Francisco Bay area? It’s a great way to enjoy the city’s flair from a different point of view and to start feeling the spirit of Intersolar North America. The Summerfest is legendary! This fund-raising event for CALSSA was held in the AT&T park in 2017, and was lots of fun with the future space on Earth party in 2018. Did you attend the vineyard tour in 2018? If not, you’ll get the chance again in 2019. Sun, bay area, award-winning wines – there is no better place to round up your stay in San Francisco! Throughout the week, visitors to Intersolar and ees were able to enjoy exclusive tours of noteworthy solar and microgrid installations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, organized by NorCal Solar.

Intersolar’s funding partnership helps CALSSA

A strong partnership - Intersolar North America and the California Solar and Storage Association!

California is the heart of the U.S. solar and energy storage market, so ensuring it remains strong is one of Intersolar North America’s top priorities and reason for our strong partnership with and financial support of the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA). As CALSSA’s largest donor and long-time supporter, Intersolar’s funding partnership helps CALSSA to promote smart solar technologies, drive policy advocacy and create a strong voice for solar and energy storage markets in California and nationwide.

Grid decentralization- the need for a flexible, digitally managed system

Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies Business Models and the Future of Demand Flexibility

As the grid has become more decentralized and decarbonized, the need for a flexible and digitally managed grid have increased drastically. A part of this challenge stems from reduced visibility, control and arguably, revenues for the utilities and system operators. At the same time, the tools available to run a well-orchestrated grid have moved closer to the customers.

Our white paper looks at a one potential future where a suite of customer focused grid edge solutions are commonly resourced to enhance grid flexibility. Some of the technologies included in the discussion will be standalone and solar-paired storage, load control and electric vehicle charging. The white paper will also assess the state of the marketplace, including players, business models and other developments.

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