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$ 600 and up

Place your advertising banner on the website for online visitors during the run up to the exhibition and increase awareness of your company’s presence at Intersolar North America. The perfect advertising choice to highlight your booth location. Your website can also be linked to the banner.


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Chose to place your banner in the following zones:

Zone 1:

The format and placement of these leader boards make them a high impact advertising medium. Leaderboard banners (728x90 px) in Zone 1 are posted between the navigation bar and the first content. Due to the response design, the Banner is needed as Large Leaderboard banner (970x90 px) for Full HD Displays, Fullsize-Banner (468x60 px) for Tablets and Half-size Banner (234x60 px) for smartphones, too.

Zone 2:

Ads which conspiciously “interrupt“  the content in the content portion of the page. Leaderboard banners (728x90 px) in Zone 2 are inserted between the first and second content entry. To meet responsive design requirements, these additional banner sizes are required: 970x90 px, 468x60 px for tablets and 234x60 px for smartphones.

Zone 3:

Rectangle  banners 180x150 px are available for Zone 3.


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You can chose between the following websites:

Landingpage "For Visitors":
Landingpage "For Exhibitors":
Landingpage "For Press":
Exhibitor List:


File Types:

Our adserver supports the delivery of Image-based banners
(where the creative is a JPEG, GIF or PNG file)
as well as Flash-based banners (where the creative is a SWF file)

Price List

from now until September 2018Zone 1*Zone 2*Zone 3**
Main Landingpage$6,000$2,500$1,000
Landingpage "For Visitors"$2,000 res$1,400 sold$   800 1sold
Landingpage "For Exhibitors"$1,600$1,200$   700
Landingpage "For Press"$1,400$1,000$   600
Exhibitor List$3,000 res  
*   Exclusive! One banner placement!
** Four banner placements
     Zone 1: 970x90px / 728x90px / 468x60px / 234x60px
     Zone 2: 970x90px / 728x90px / 468x60px / 234x60px
     Zone 3: 180x150px