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Kyle Bolger

 Kyle Bolger
Job Title
VP of Engineering
Blue Planet Energy

Growing up in Alaska, Kyle developed a unique appreciation for our sun that fuels his ambition to  harness the perpetual solar energy source. After installing hundreds of solar energy systems under the  scrutiny of Oregon regulations he began traveling far and wide to spread his lessons learned. As an  instructor with Solar Energy International since 2005 Kyle has worked in more than half of the states in  the USA and has experience in several international locations including North America, Central America,  Europe and Africa. Kyle’s passion for the sun has spread to a variety of individuals who now embody the  integrity and passion Kyle holds for a truly sustainable future. Kyle has worked with over a dozen  companies internally and as a consultant including virtually hundreds of jurisdictions with unique  requirements. His career experience spans from mobile solar systems, remote industrial applications,  copious grid tie solar applications and small to medium scale micro-grids. This diversity has allowed him  to become well versed in the variety of demands and constraints the industry has with technological and  regulatory changes. With a mixture of student inquisitions from across the world, government regulatory  consulting and hundreds of quality control inspections, Kyle brings a vast amount of real time industry  expertise to his work while maintaining an open mind for the journey ahead.