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Brian Fitzimons

 Brian Fitzimons
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer

Brian is a serial entrepreneur and founder of GridUnity Inc., a distribution grid analytics platform company. Prior to GridUnity, he founded and successfully grew innovative software companies in the media, publishing, and financial services industries. He specializes in enterprise software platform development and software as a service offerings.

Over the past 30 years, Brian has built highly effective and efficient software development teams that have designed software platforms that make it easy for business and operational staff to make critical decisions. He is a pioneer in the use of XML for automated data integration, transformation, collaboration and management. He has actively contributed to global data standards development in several industries and is currently an active analyst of the IEC Smart Grid Data Standards.

Brian holds three patents in the areas of data transformation and automation. He has been the keynote speaker at industry events around the world in electric utility smart grid, financial services, and media markets. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Fordham University.