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2023 Keynotes

2023 Keynote Addresses

Tuesday, February 14

Shalanda Baker

Innovation on the Front Line: Solar and Storage Leadership on Community Engagement

Presented by Shalanda Baker, Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy

The federal government is placing increased focus on environmental justice and community benefits, especially for disadvantaged communities. Hear from Shalanda Baker, Director of Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, about how the DoE is approaching environmental justice, the evolving approach to including communities in energy planning, and how solar and storage are expected to be leading the transition to clean communities.

Krishna Vanka

Digital’s Role in Transforming Solar and Storage

Presented by Krishna Vanka, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Fluence

As solar and storage solutions lead the way in the clean energy transformation, software plays a critical role to expand those offerings. Clean energy is in the middle of a digital transformation that will drive solutions to the next level where artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance all come into play. The transformation cannot be achieved without digital.

Wednesday, February 15

Marty Adams

The Race To Zero: Leading the Charge on a Zero-Carbon Grid

Presented by Marty Adams, General Manager and Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

LADWP is working to achieve a 100% renewable grid by 2035, and is investing heavily is solar, storage and emerging technologies like green hydrogen to enable the transition of the US’s largest municipal utility. Hear directly from General Manager and Chief Engineer Marty Adams on the role of utility scale and distributed solar and storage in a mixed portfolio needed to achieve these progressive energy goals.

Audrey Lee

Corporate Climate Leadership: Getting to Carbon-negative by 2030

Presented by Audrey Lee, Senior Director of Energy Strategy, Microsoft

Corporate buyers represent a growing portion of overall renewable and clean energy purchases, and have some of the most progressive and ambitious ESG goals of any sector. Learn about Microsoft’s carbon negative zero-carbon goal and the role that different clean energy solutions may play in their path to achieving zero-carbon carbon negative energy supply by 2030 from leading energy innovator Audrey Lee, Senior Director of Energy Strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Microsoft’s aggressive climate goals
  • Understand what they see as the critical toolkit to achieving those goals, including the role that solar and storage will play
  • Understand emerging opportunities to support corporate buyers
  • Understand ongoing intersections between tech & clean energy, including digitization
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