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2023 Conference Program

Climate Solutions Start Here: Solar + Storage Lead the Way

The Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America 2023 conference program will highlight the readiness of solar and storage as available and immediate climate solutions. The program will also emphasize how grid electrification is a pillar of climate response strategies, in addition to the integral role solar and storage play in that transformation.

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Pre Conference Workshops
Feb 14 - Day One
Feb 15 - Day Two

WORKSHOP: NABCEP Technical Training |Earn your NABCEP CEUs!

NABCEP Registered Training Providers present 4 in-depth workshops on Battery Storage and Energy Management. NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associates will advance their professional development and earn CEUs pre-approved to...
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Chris Fox
Jeff Nicholson
John Cromer
Jeff Myles

WORKSHOP: The Green Hydrogen Value Proposition: Fundamental Policy Needs to Drive Market Development and Re-Imagine the Energy Ecosystem

*Pre-Registration Required This workshop will convene public and private sector stakeholders to discuss various technical, policy, and enabling environment topics related to the opportunities for hydrogen in economy-wide decarbonization. Topics...
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Melanie L. Davidson
Abraham Mooney, P.E.
Dr. Justin W. Raade
Dhruv Bhatnagar
Jason Goodhand
Nick Connell
Janice Lin

WORKSHOP: Evolving Markets for Standalone and Hybrid Grid-Scale Storage

*Pre-Registration Required   This workshop is designed to give participants an overview to the state of storage market for both hybrid grid-scale and standalone storage projects. Participants will learn about...
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Nehal Divekar
John Fernandes

WORKSHOP: 2023 NEC: PV, Energy Storage and Interconnections

*Pre-Registration Required This will be the first conference workshop since the release of the 2023 NEC and Bill and Sean will give you the latest. Sean participates in the first...
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Bill Brooks
Sean White

WORKSHOP: Community Solar Design Fundamentals: Achieving Successful Programs Through Optimal Program Design

*Pre-Registration Required Community solar (CS) is a proven approach that is gaining popularity in cities and counties across the country as a way to promote equitable solar deployment while also...
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Susannah Churchill

WORKSHOP: Energy Storage Interconnection Basics & Best Practices

*Pre-Registration Required This workshop is designed to present the basics and best practices for navigating the interconnection process for energy storage in today’s energy landscape. Participants will hear from multiple...
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Zach Woogen
Radina Valova
Jin Noh

Keynote: Innovation on the Front Line: Solar and Storage Leadership on Community Engagement

The federal government is placing increased focus on environmental justice and community benefits, especially for disadvantaged communities. Hear from Shalanda Baker, Director of Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, about...
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Shalanda Baker
Shalanda Baker

Keynote: Digital’s Role in Transforming Solar and Storage

As solar and storage solutions lead the way in the clean energy transformation, software plays a critical role to expand those offerings. Clean energy is in the middle of a...
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Krishna Vanka
Krishna Vanka

EVs as Grid Storage Resource /V2X Interconnection

As the grid becomes more electrified, electric vehicles will have a role to play in storing and releasing excess energy to the grid. We have already seen the use of...
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Rachel McMahon
Gregory Poilasne
Marc Monbouquette
Ed Burgess

A Utility’s Approach to Energy Storage Fire Safety

Battery energy storage is an evolving market and the fire safety aspect of this technology has become an emergent, hot topic in the utility industry. Over the past several years,...
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Dan Clark
Grant Davis
Paul Hayes
Jay Sadler

Crafting Community Solar Program: What makes it effective

With the development of decarbonization goals from federal and state governments to utility goals, effective clean energy programs are needed to achieve them. Community Solar offers one option to reach...
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Jonathan Roberts
Rod Eckhardt
Daniela Pangallo

The Virtual Power Plant Business Model

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of decentralized, medium-scale power generating units as well as flexible power consumers and storage systems. VPPs are managed via aggregation software, offering functions meant...
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Nehal Divekar

Clean Energy Workforce Development

Supply chain challenges and federal funding are reinforcing the value of reinvest in America’s clean energy workforce. This panel brings together perspectives from labor, industry, and leading labor economists to...
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Gia Vacin
Bernice Diaz
Joe Goodenbery

Surviving Supply Chains

Supply chain challenges have represented a significant roadblock for timely and effective project development. This discussion will give participants insights into how developers and businesses can work to meet project...
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Amy Jo Miller
Marius Mordal Bakke
John Jung
John Jung
William Acker

Residential solar adoption timelines and permitting

This session covers NREL’s work evaluating residential PV adoption timelines and permitting/interconnection processes. The work utilizes project-level data covering 10-25% of U.S. installs each year 2017-2021, along with surveys of...
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Jeff Cook, Ph.D.

Maximizing Tax Benefits

The federal government has establish unprecedented levels of incentives for clean energy technologies, many of which will be accessed through tax breaks or tax incentives. These new regulations are complex,...
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Keith Martin

Community As The Cornerstone to Scaling The Clean Energy Transition

Community engagement and demonstration of community benefits are key to unlocking many buckets of federal funding. This panel will cover steps that renewable and storage developers can take to improve...
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Nick Chaset

IRA Domestic Content

The IRA provides an increased credit rate for PTC and ITC projects that satisfy domestic content requirements, representing millions of dollars in value to project developers and investors. This session...
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Lindsay Cherry
Matthew Walz
Gigio Sakota

Unlocking Transmission Capacity

Limited transmission capacity and overfull interconnection queues represent a significant challenge for continued scaled deployment of renewable energy resources like wind and solar. This panel will discuss solutions to address...
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Louis C. Ting
Allison Auld-Hill, P.E., Ph.D.
Bhaskar Ray

Rural Renewables

Renewable resources for the generation of electricity (e.g., wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) are typically most abundant and practical for development in rural areas, making these communities well-positioned to generate and...
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Astrid Atkinson

WRISE Breakfast: Ensuring A Just Transition for All

*Additional registration required Join us at for breakfast, networking, and presentation by WRISE.    We all want our families and communities to be healthy, happy and safe and as we...
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Keynote: The Race To Zero – Leading the Charge on a Zero-Carbon Grid

LADWP is working to achieve a 100% renewable grid by 2035, and is investing heavily is solar, storage and emerging technologies like green hydrogen to enable the transition of the...
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Stephen Lacey
Marty Adams
Marty Adams

Keynote: Corporate Climate Leadership: Getting to Carbon-negative by 2030

Corporate buyers represent a growing portion of overall renewable and clean energy purchases, and have some of the most progressive and ambitious ESG goals of any sector. Learn about Microsoft’s...
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Audrey Lee
Audrey Lee

Energy Storage as Grid Assets: Expanding Transmission Capacity to Accelerate Renewable Growth

By examining in detail the Gridbooster concept in Germany – using energy storage to provide contingency back up for the transmission grid, thus expanding the transfer capacity of existing and...
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Andrew Giligan
Gabriel Murtaugh

The Journey to Net-Zero Starts at the Local Level: Enabling rapid deployment of LDES through small scale installations

Shorter duration storage is currently being installed to support today’s increasing amount of renewable energy generation and electrification. Increasing amounts of renewables will be deployed on the grid and building...
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Matt Harper
Hans Mikael Svanbom
Julia Souder

How to Successfully Transition from Start-up to Commercialization in the Rapidly Accelerating Transition Market

There has never been a better time to start a business serving the rapidly growing renewable energy marketplace. Globally, private sector investment totaled $226 billion during the first half 2022...
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Wendy Prabhu

Innovation in Project Structuring to Support Project Finance

Competitive power markets offer a unique opportunity to utilize storage as a physical hedge to serve financial firm obligations of a power hedge. On both a stand-alone basis or in...
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Jatin Khanna
Gary Dorris

Impact of Solar-Ready Mandates on New Building Design & Construction in 2023

States are enacting regulations and building codes mandating the installation of solar PV or solar-ready design on new building construction. This will result in an accelerated growth of rooftop solar,...
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Duncan Cleminshaw
Paul Zacher SE, SECB, MLSE
Mark C. Gies

How Solar Installers Can Benefit by Integrating their Business Management Software to SolarAPP+

It is now established that SolarAPP+ can help solar installers get more projects done faster by expediting compliance checks and building permit approvals for eligible rooftop solar systems. However, the...
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Jan Rippingale

California Energy Storage Market – State of the Union

There are several powerful dynamics influencing California’s energy storage market today. With both headwinds and tailwinds, many evolving over time, it has become increasingly difficult to predict what the future...
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Adam Gerza

Unlocking Community Solar Financing

When it comes to Unlocking Community Solar Financing, there are two critical areas to consider: Program Risk and Development. Understanding which state programs have components that make it easier to...
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Josh Kunkel

California is In the Lead and Accelerating Decarbonization: Building the Solar+Storage Future

It is now widely recognized that solar + energy storage, including long-duration energy storage, will be critical to achieve deep decarbonization. California already leads the nation in solar deployment and...
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Eric Dresselhuys
Gabriel Murtaugh

Behind the Curtain of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Programs

State officials, utilities and regulators are seeking to plan for increased load from transportation and building electrification, integrate more renewable energy, and prepare for more extreme weather. Behind-the-meter (BTM) energy...
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Gary Morrissett C.E.M.
Karen Glitman
Sergio Carrillo

The Women Driving the Energy Transition

As the renewable energy industry heads into 2023 with rapid transformation and increased demand, it presents an opportunity to achieve greater gender equality and inclusion. Today women make up one-third...
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Wendy Prabhu

Are Utility-Tech Partnerships the Answer to the Energy Burden?

With many Americans looking to make the switch to clean energy and save money on their energy bills, smart technology paired with utility demand response programs has become an effective...
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Jeff Gleeson
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