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Solar+Storage Jobs

As energy storage systems are added to the electricity grid at an accelerating pace, it is imperative that decision makers have a general understanding of the economic impacts. To this end, The Solar Foundation (TSF) produced this discussion paper on the current labor efficiencies experienced by the U.S. solar industry and how such measures may provide insight about solar related employment in the energy storage industry.

Source: The Solar Foundation, Published by Intersolar and ees
(July 2016)

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Smart Solar: Integration of Storage and Energy Management

As solar penetration in the U.S. grows to the next order of magnitude, the industry will need to address non-dispatchability and value deflation concerns. Combining solar and energy management can uncap opportunities for smart solar.

Source: GTM Research, Published by Intersolar, ees and CALSEIA 
Ravi Manghani, Director, Energy Storage, GTM Research
(July 2016)

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Global Solar PV Cumulative Market Scenarios until 2020

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Source: SolarPower Europe
- Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2016-2020
(August 2016)