Intersolar North America

Exhibition: July 10-12, 2018
Conference: July 9–11, 2018


Sponsorships and Marketing Opportunities

Set the stage for your brand!

Brand familiarity and brand confidence are an important basis for purchasing decisions. Present your company to the international solar industry - give your brand exposure through one of the various Intersolar North America sponsorships and customize your exhibition participation. Using our marketing services and advertising materials is a valuable way of drawing added attention to your company, your company’s booth location and the innovative products and services you will be showcasing.

Sponsorships & Marketing Opportunities 2017

Sponsorship PackagesPricing
Exhibition Package
(Gold/Silver/Bronze Sponsors)
$ 7,500 and up
Conference Package Intersolar North America
(Gold/Silver/Bronze Sponsors)
*Intersolar/ees North America exhibitors get 20% discount

$ 7,000 and up
   Gold sold
Online & Print Packages$ 1,900 sold
Exhibition Sponsorships (Moscone Center West) Pricing

(1 Exclusive Sponsor)

$ 19,000 sold
Expo Networking Lounge
(1 Exclusive Sponsor)
$ 9,000  sold
Innovation & Application Stage$ 6,000 
App Sponsorships
(Gold/Silver Sponsors)      
$ 2,000 and up
Award Sponsorship$ 8,300
Exhibition Marketing (Moscone Center West)
available until mid June
Hanging Banner$ 6,500 and up
Escalator Branding$ 5,000 sold
Retractable/ Roll-up Banner$ 3,000
Floor Decals$ 2,500
Charging Station$ 5,000 each
Meeting Room Rental$ 1,800 and up
Innovation & Application Presentation$ 300
Free Exhibitor Marketing Opportunitiesfree
Installation Workshop$900
Print Advertisements
Event Directory Advertisement$ 1,100 and up
Logo combination Guide & Directory$ 200
Logo in Intersolar Guide$ 150
Logo in Event Directory$ 100
Additional Product Category$ 50
Digital Advertisements
Newsletter Banner- global $ 950 and up
Newsletter Banner-Intersolar North America$ 950 and up
Banner on$ 600 and up
Logo online Exhibitor Index$ 50
Conference Sponsorships & Marketing (Intercontinental)Pricing
Conference Binder (1 Intersolar North America Sponsor)$10,500*
Conference Wireless Internet (1 Exclusive Sponsor)$ 6,000*
Conference Notepad (1 Intersolar North America Sponsor )$ 6,000* sold
Powerhouse Circle$ 5,000 and up
Conference Welcome Reception$ 6,000* sold
Conference Lunch Break$ 5,000* sold
Conference Coffee Break$ 4,500*
Conference Program Advertisement$ 350 and up
Program Sponsorships$ 2,250* and up
*Intersolar/ees North America exhibitors get 20% discount
Intersolar Summit Sponsorships
Intersolar Summit USA East$ 2,500 and up