Intersolar North America

Exhibition: July 10-12, 2018
Conference: July 9–11, 2018


Intersolar North America Shipping and Set-Up

Because many of Intersolar North America's exhibitors also exhibit at Intersolar Europe, our shipping partner Schenker offers a special shipping rate for exhibiting materials.
Download Shipping Instructions

General shipping information for exhibitors not shipping from Intersolar Europe in Munich can be found within the Exhibitor Manual.

Shipping Addresses


Hold For: Intersolar North America / ees North America
Exhibiting Company Name
Booth #__________ Level ___________
245 S. Spruce Ave., Ste. 100
S. San Francisco, CA 94080

To avoid additional after deadline charges, materials must arrive by June 28, 2017.


Intersolar North America / ees North America
Exhibiting Company Name
Booth # __________  Level _________
Moscone Center West
800 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Materials will be accepted according to your assigend target date and time - see at for more information.

Material Shipping

Material Handling (also known as Drayage) is the movement of freight material from the loading dock to the booth space. It also includes the unloading of exhibit material, storage of exhibit materials in the warehouse for 30 days prior to show site, the handling of empty containers on the show floor, and the removal of exhibit materials from the booth for reloading onto the outbound carriers at the close of the show.

Important: Material Handling should not be confused with the cost to transport your exhibit material to and from the convention center or exhibition. While often times the cost of moving materials from the dock to the booth is often included in the overall shipping costs/quotations when exhibiting in other countries outside the United States, Material Handling is billed as a separate charge in the United States.

San Francisco Union jurisdiction prevails over the operation of all material handling equipment, unloading, reloading, and handling of empty containers. Refer to the Freeman Labor Jurisdiction information in Section 8 and Material Handling Order form in Section 9 for more information.
There are 2 options for shipping your advance freight -- either to the warehouse or directly to show site. To enjoy maximum savings on your shipping costs, we advise that you ship directly to the warehouse wherever possible.

Freeman Targeted Move-In Dates 2017

This file includes the targeted exhibiting materials move-in dates from Freeman. Intersolar strongly recommends you to download this PDF and to provide it to your company's exhibit organization team.

Download Move-In - Level 2

Download Move-In - Level 3

Set-Up Times

Thursday, July 6 to Saturday, July 8: 8.00am - 8.00pm
Sunday, July 9: closed
Monday, July 10: 8.00am - 8.00pm

To work beyond the above-mentioned hours, please go to the Security Office (West Hall – Level 2) to obtain an After Hours Pass.

Freight Restrictions

Each level has a freight restriction of maximum 125 lbs./sq. ft.  

Freight Elevators #3
9'-7"W x 18'L x 9'-6"H
20,000 lbs. centered  

Freight Elevators #4
10'-9"W x 27'-10"L x 9'-6"H
30,000 lbs. centered  

Freight Elevators #7
9'-4"W x 18'L x 9'-6"H
20,000 lbs. centered  

Freight Elevators #8
9'-4"W x 18'L x 9'-6"H
20,000 lbs. centered

Dismantling Times

Thursday, July 13          4:00pm–midnight**
Friday, July 14               8:00am–8:00pm
Saturday, July 15          8:00am–4:00pm

Exhibitors are required to maintain, intact, all equipment in their exhibit area, and to keep their booths fully manned until the official close of the show. Exhibitors who dismantle their booth prior to the official closing time may lose priority points and/or may be refused the opportunity to exhibit the following year.

** Last-in/First-out booths must be dismantled as soon as the aisle carpet has been removed. Cross-Aisle carpeting must be removed immediately upon show closing.

Exhibitors wishing to work beyond the above mentioned hours should go to the Security Office onsite to obtain an After Hours Pass by 7pm. Charges may apply for any requests after 12:00 midnight.